Haridwar Gateway to the Divine

The Hindu heart and soul reside in Haridwar, purified by the sacred waters of the Ganga on those significant dates of the KumbhMela. In the epics of Hindu mythology, Haridwar indeed is the entrance to heaven. When you witness the millions who come in search of liberation and feel the common spirituality, you will agree.

The past and the present merge in the most holy location as has happened here for thousands of years. Imagine the war of the Devas and the Asuras and the obtaining of the amrita through the churning of the ocean.

The influence of the life-giving Ganga

Mythology supports the celestial status of the major rivers like the Ganga that support life and fertility. The Ganga supports life with food through the fertile soil. On those auspicious dates, the Ganga brings another noble dimension of meaning. The search for liberation from earthly births and actions for many million pilgrims ends here in a joyous get together.

Haridwar hosts the ardhkumbh and mahakumbhmelas along with Allahabad which also holds the maghmela each year.

The Haridwar auspicious location

Haridwar forms a gateway to the four pilgrimage sites. In Haridwar district, the city is located at the feet of the Shivaliks or Shiva’s Hills. Legend narrates how the Ganga was born. Sage Kapila cursed and the Suryavanshi prince Bhagirath lost his ancestors. In response to penance, the Ganga trickled from Lord Shiva’s locks. Come and witness the memorable arati and the floating lamp rituals along the venerable Ganga.

The HaridwarKumbhMela 2022

Though 2022 may be some five years into the future, it is good to plan ahead. Haridwar is connected with the Aries Zodiac sign. The calculation of the mela dates considers the position of the sun, moon and Jupiter. Haridwar witnessed the previous Kumbh in 2010 and will witness another ocean of pilgrims in 2022.