Find Ujjain on the holy river Shipra in the central Madhya Pradesh State

The idea to collect the nectar from the oceans through the churning of the oceans was the idea of Lord Brahma. What happened was the tussle between the weakened gods and demons for the amrita when the divine physician Dhanvantari carried the kumbh or pot to heaven to ensure its safety. A few drops fell at those four holy sites that the Hindus have revered for thousands of years in the hope of being blessed to escape repetitive human births. Perhaps the voices of the millions of pilgrims will be heard by the powers above and their wishes granted.

Combining tourism with the KumbhMela, nearby holy sites include the Bade GaneshjiKaMandir, Mahakaleshwar, and VikramKirti Temple along with some others.

The Ujjain KumbhMela

The PoornaKumbh comes to Ujjain once in twelve years. The Zodiac Scorpio sign indicates that Jupiter and the sun are present. It is the ultimate dream to be liberated from samsara births and deaths and the millions bathe and pray fervently. The sacred river Shipra accommodates a sea of humanity that includes pilgrims from every walk of life along with the sages who undertake rigorous lifestyles to get closer to enlightenment.

The ‘SimhasthaKumbhMela’ in Ujjain

Among the elephants and camels come the holy men dabbed all over with sacred ash. You feel the intense spiritual vibes in the air with all the combined prayers and noble thoughts. If feelings can be trusted, we are certainly on the way to the purification of souls as the mythological stories indicate. An immense euphoria descends during the holy baths on several occasions as if we are inching closer to liberation each time. After the Ujjain KumbhMela 2016, it is now a long wait until 2028 when the KumbhMela reappears in Ujjain.