Kumbh Mela India

The mela or fair celebrates a mighty expression of faith among devout Hindus who gather by the million to bathe in the sacred rivers! Hindus believe that sins are washed away and divine blessings touch them, bringing redemption closer. Haridwar and Allahabad, Nasik and Ujjain are the four blessed venues that host the KumbhMela once in twelve years by turns. The Ganga, Sangam, Godavari and Shipra are the sacred rivers respectively. India is an ancient civilization and the KumbhMela is probably 2000 years old. The Chinese traveler Xuanzang visited King Harshavardhana’s court in India and wrote about the mega event.

The hallowed Kumbh or pot of nectar

Hindu mythology tells the episode of samudramanthan in an ancient legend. As a result of the churning of the oceans, amrita or the drink that brought immortality was produced and put in a pot. The devas and asuras or gods and demons fought over the Kumbh. It is believed that a divine transporter carried away the Kumbh and stopped at these four places. Other legends say that the amrita was spilled at the four places. We may never know the truth just like we do not know if the carrier was Dhanvantari, Garuda, Indra or Mohini, according to the different versions.

Look forward to the MaghMela, the Mini Kumbh - Allahabad 2018

In the Hindu month of Magh that corresponds to mid-January to mid-February, a mini Kumbh is held each year in Prayag near Allahabad. Hindus believe that the MaghMela represents the beginning of the universe. The bathing days are spread over 45 days and commence on the auspicious makarsankranthi. The holy venue is the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers at TriveniSangam. Deleting sins and escaping the cycle of births and karma is the purpose of the holy dips at auspicious moments.

The ArdhKumbhMela comes to Allahabad in 2019

Celebrated every six years, the ArdhKumbhMela is held in Allahabad and Haridwar. The next ArdhKumbhMela will be celebrated in Allahabad in the month of Magh in 2019. A sea of humanity will descend upon Allahabad as in previous ardhKumbhmelas with the purpose of cleansing their souls with holy dips.