Get the amrita at Allahabad

Along with Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik, Allahabad is one of the four sacred venues that host the KumbhMela.

Prayag near Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh State is where the three mighty rivers converge. Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet at TriveniSangam, the blessedsetting for the MaghMela every year. The closest Kumbh is the maghmela or Mini Kumbh scheduled for early 2018. The Hindu month known as magh refers to mid-January-mid February in the Gregorian calendar and thus the name maghmela.

The same spiritually rich venue in Allahabad will also witness the ArdhKumbh in 2019. The ardhkumbh is held every six years in Haridwar and Allahabad. The next MahaKumbhMela will be held at Haridwar in 2022 but the details are not known yet.

The ArdhKumbhMela Allahabad 2019

During the Hindu month of magh in January-February 2019, Jupiter will be in Aries or Taurus. The sun and moon will be in Capricorn. Hindu devotees from around the world will be filled with deep reverence and hopes of enlightenment at the holy Triveni. The lucky ones, perhaps in the millions, will make it physically to taste the sweet nectar amrita in the river waters dropped by the gods. Hope keeps humanity going and liberation from samsaric births is the greatest hope!

Get familiar with the bathing dates and the bathing ghats!

Sangam may become your lucky star. At this holiest of places, you get to witness how the three rivers merge. The Ganga river water looks brownish while Yamuna shines transparent. Saraswati does not appear, but is spiritually present. Nothing could be more positive than bathing in these waters on the auspicious dates

It is going to be a busy tourist adventure along with spiritual activities

Most visitors combine mysticism with tours to nearby hotspots, shopping and exploration, besides religious activities like mass feeding, chanting, discussions and exhibitions. Turn the occasion into a sublime quest for the meaning of life, perhaps revealed at those mass gatherings on an epic scale.